Art Night 2018

The festival was curated by the Hayward Gallery and featured more than 50 events by independent artists, curators and local organisations as part of Art Night Open Programme. Find out more about 2018’s edition here:

Art Night 2017

Art Night 2017 took place in East London and was a collaboration with the Whitechapel Gallery. This edition was curated by independent curator and writer Fatoş Üstek. Find out more about 2017’s edition here:

Art Night 2016

Art Night 2016 took place on 2 July 2016 and was the first edition. It was curated by the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) with curator Kathy Noble, and took place in iconic and unusual locations across Westminster. Find out more about 2016’s edition here:

Urban Tales

Urban Tales was conceived in May 2015 as a series of cultural events showcasing artists across various disciplines in unexpected locations around London. Its opening chapter The Bank was a dialogue between contemporary art and urbanism, exploring an empty 1920’s bank, abandoned in the midst of the City of London.

For its second chapter Urban Tales joined Totally Thames 2015 and partnered with Mahogany Opera Group to take audiences on a river-inspired cultural journey to London’s only lighthouse at Trinity Buoy Wharf for the electrifying show, ‘Folie à Deux’.

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Time Out 2018

As part of Time Out London's 50th Birthday Party celebrations in Kings Cross, Art Night were invited to present an artist commission on-site in Granary Square. The team commissioned Tiz Creel from Chalton Gallery to present two pinatas - "The Mad King" and the "Eye That Watch It All" on Saturday 29 September.

Time Out

Image Credit: Lara Favaretto, 'I poveri sono matti' (The poor are mad) (2005–18), Installation. Curated by Hayward Gallery for Art Night 2018. Photo by Thierry Bal.