Art Night & Vital Arts collaborate on workshops at Royal London Hospital

Art Night have collaborated on a series of workshops at the Royal London Hospital with Vital Arts and kindly supported by Outset Art x Saja Foundation. Artist Shiraz Bayjoo has been developing workshops to engage both long and short-term patients in therapeutic, interactive projects which reduce stress and assist clinical goals. ‘My Journey and Other Stories’ will see young patients explore emotional storytelling through drawing, painting, and collage-making. The resulting works will reproduced as framed prints for an exhibition for Creativity and Wellbeing week at the Royal London Hospital in June.

Image: Shiraz Bayjoo, ‘Overwhelmed’ (2014). Digitised collage, acrylic ink on paper with archival lithograph. Co-commissioned by Iniva and A Space for Emotional Learning Cards “A-Z of Emotions”.