Katherine E. Bash

King's Library Café, Upper Ground Floor, British Library
96 Euston Rd, London NW1 2DB, UK
Live Performance
Art Night Open

The Light of Consciousness

Katherine E. Bash, in collaboration with additional performers, presents The Light of Consciousness, a Still-Film, realised as a site-specific installation and poetic sonic performance situated in the Café surrounding King George III’s Library, a symbol of the Age of Enlightenment.

In this setting, the work challenges the Enlightenment concept of objectivity by emphasising chance associations that happen within the viewer between poetry, photography and site as changing flavours of experience blossom into and out of being.

This is an offering and an invitation to the public to inhabit the space and to experience a transformation of worldly emotion into aesthetic experience through the medium of conscious awareness. The Still-Film in book format, of the same title, will also be screening.

Presented by Chalton Gallery

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Image credit: Katherine E. Bash, ‘is it behind me? turn around’, Photograph, 2016