Louise Ashcroft and Fritha Jenkins

Walthamstow Quaker Meeting House
1A Jewel Rd, Walthamstow, London E17 4QU, UK
Live Performance
Art Night Open

Awkward Stowage

Rambling through treasures salvaged from local waste tips, charity shops, and cupboards under the stairs, Louise and Fritha activate hoards of Walthamstow clutter to conjure humorous interconnected stories using speech, music and action. A cacophony of the familiar and the bizarre, this semi-improvised performance exhumes fragments of all the stuff you tried to throw away (after being guilt-tripped by Marie Kondo on Netflix) and playfully brings it back to haunt you.

Louise is a local artist whose obsession with Walthamstow’s abundant charity shop treasure troves is starting to take over her house. Each time she takes things to the local recycling centre on South Access Road she comes back with more curiosities than she went with. This performance attempts to deal with how objects mediate our experience of Walthamstow and the World.

Supported by Art Night

www.louiseashcroft.org | Instagram: @louiseashcroft1 | Twitter: @louiseashcroft1

www.frithajenkins.com | Instagram: @frithajenkins | Twitter: @frithajenkins

Image credit: Louise Ashcroft, ‘Awkward Stowage’.