A zero waste plastic project

RCA graduate Kate Amery and leather and upcycled goods makers LPOL combine to uncover the accumulation of waste plastic in a working studio environment. Inspired to salvage waste plastic from the LPOL studio/stock room, Amery has used everything from storage crates and water bottles to polythene bags, stationery and supplier packaging to create abstract organic sculptures that are visually mesmeric and thought provoking. Each one serves to give plastic a second life, helping draw awareness to its impact on the natural world. The installation at the LPOL Shop. Showroom. Studio. opens on Art Night with drinks and an exclusive 10% off shopping event, and runs to the end of July.

Special offer: drinks and an exclusive 10% off shopping event at Art Night

Time: 5pm-10pm
Venue address: LPOL store, Viaduct Level, Coal Drops Yard